Placing custom metadata into the html template.

From: Smolsky, Shawn J <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 08:54:42 -0500
Message-id: <>


I would like to place contact information into the head of the message and index files. I'm using html template files and I could have a custom header for each archive (we have over 140 majordomo lists that are archived using hypermail). I would rather have one header file and use "Substitution Cookies" for a person's contact information (i.e., Last, First).  

I currently have to create the following line in the <head> section of the html template.  

<meta name="CONTACT" CONTENT="Last, First">

I would like to use something like  

<meta name="CONTACT" CONTENT="%C">

Where %C is a substitution cookie for a person's Contact information that gets specified in the "rc" file.  

I was hoping I could use an existing "rc" variable to pass this information to the html template.
I've found a %B that represents "Body line specified" Can I use this? How do I specify the value for %B.  

Thanks in advance.  

Shawn Smolsky     Received on Tue 11 Jan 2000 03:54:57 PM GMT

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