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From: Smolsky, Shawn J <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 07:10:59 -0500
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Thanks for the hot-tip on Unix.
Note: One must resequence the NNNN.html files to eliminate holes otherwise, the index files do not get built completely because hypermail fills in unused numbers and the index build stops at the new entry.

I have a tcl cgi-bin script that cleans archives via a web interface. The script works fine for a few check-box selections but has a query overflow when people select a lot do remove.
I was hoping something better existed. I think I will probably upgrade the interface with some input boxes where one can enter "upcoming meetings" to remove all messages with this string in the subject.

I'll post the script to this list after I've upgraded. If anybody want what I have now let me known and I'll post it.

The mbox idea is good when one has local access to the system. Our implementation has "owners" dispersed across our intranet.

I assume the routine handles attachments correctly when making mboxes.

Best regards,
Shawn Smolsky

Lockheed Martin

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# > Is anybody aware of a web interface that assists one in purging junk /
# > messages from the archive?
# > We have a lot of "upcoming meeting" messages in our archives and would
# > to purge the periodically.

One is on the todo list. Not there yet.

# cd $archive
# rm -f `grep 'upcoming meeting' *|cut -d: -f1`

:) While this will work, I don't recommend it. If you have a copy of the contents in mailbox format then just remove the messages from the mailbox file and rebuild the archive.

# Joey
# PS: There's always an easier way :)

:) It's the outcome that gets a bit problematic. ;)

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