Timezone grief

From: Darrell Burkey <dazza_at_tucan.net_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 19:21:42 +1100
Message-ID: <003d01bf5d9f$39d7f220$533525cb_at_tucan.net>

I'm trying to get my hypermail 2b28 archives to display times in my timezone when it is running and processing mail on a server in another country.

I've had some success when running hypermail from the command line but when I pipe mail to hypermail from a procmail recipe the dates are always in the timezone of the server.

I have put a TZ setting in the config file that I use but the results have me confused.

I created an archive with the procmail pipe and ended up with http://www.case.org.au/hmtest1 . All the dates on the page are in the timezone of the server, not the country where I am.

The procmail recipe also copies the mail to a mail file for backup. I ran hypermail against this mail file using the same configuration file and got the output at http://www.case.org.au/hmtest2 . Take note that the dates on the messages are now in my timezone but the Starting Date, Ending Date, Last Message Date are all in the timezone of the server. But the "Archived On" date is in my timezone.

I am very confused and really need to get a handle on this. For quite some time I've been using hypermail to create archives by running it against a mail archive via cron job every four hours with success. But now I would like to create the archives in real time so I really need it to work properly via procmail piping the messages into hypermail.

Thanks in advance.

Darrell Burkey
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