Update for Icelandic translation + possible bug?

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson <bre_at_netverjar.is_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 00:13:57 +0100
Message-ID: <20000122001357.A18686_at_diskordiah.mmedia.is>

Hi all,

A couple of days ago I updated my copy of Hypermail (via. CVS), and added the following lines to the Icelandic translation:

"Aðgerðir", /* Mail actions (MA) header -HTML*/
"senda listanum bréf", /* MA New Message -HTML*/
"svara þessu bréfi", /* MA Reply -HTML*/

Other translators should take note of these new strings - in fact, you programmer types should let the list know when you update the lang.h file so us translator types can keep things up to date (if you did, I apologize for not paying attention!). I was glad to see the additions, btw.

If someone with CVS write access could add these to the baseline, I'd be most grateful. :-)

Also, I noticed what may be a problem when regenerating some of my archives from scratch using the new hypermail. The command line was:

        hypermail -c ../hypermail.rc -x -m ../archive/mbx.99-01 -d 1999-01

This did everything it should, except for creating the index.shtml file. Is this a bug?

In case it is, the file ../hypermail.rc contained the following settings:

 	hm_label = kde-isl
	hm_about = http://www.is.kde.org/
	hm_hmail = kde-isl_at_mmedia.is
	## GENERIC ##
	hm_dir = %y-%m
	hm_language = is
	hm_dirmode = 0775
	hm_filemode = 0664
	hm_uselock = 0
	hm_usemeta = 1
	hm_eurodate = 1
	hm_archives = ../../
	hm_mailto = webmaster_at_molar.is
	hm_htmlsuffix = shtml

	hm_ihtmlheaderfile = ../hypermail/head.shtml
	hm_ihtmlfooterfile = ../hypermail/foot.shtml
	hm_mhtmlheaderfile = ../hypermail/head.shtml
	hm_mhtmlfooterfile = ../hypermail/foot.shtml

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