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Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 19:27:13 -0500
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I really badly wanted local archives of the sawmill mailing-list.

I fetched the sawmill archive web site using wget and wrote a little script to convert the Hypermail-generated files into RFC822 files. Cat'ed together, these give me the Unix mboxes I so desired for local browsing and grepping.

If you want to access those mbox files, I made them available at

Erik-the-archiver: feel free to grab the mbox files and put them on your archive web site. If you want to generate those by yourself in the future, you can use the script (same location as above). Run it like this in your
monthly archive subdirectory:

cd sawmill/2000/Mar
for i in [0-9]*.html ; do echo $i ; $i >> outfile ; done

You should only run it when the month's archive is completed, because it will attempt to resolve the In-reply-to field which is lost in the Hypermail conversion (caveat: it cannot resolve across months). However I'm sure changing the Hypermail configuration to do it automatically would be better :-)

Hypermail people: fetch the script if it can be useful to you.


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