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From: John Van Essen <>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 00 20:24:02 CDT
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On Fri, 07 Apr 2000, Ashley M. Kirchner <> wrote:
> As I go through the src right now, and checking for quoted tags,
>is there any rule that says _how_ they should be quoted? i.e.:
><P ALIGN="center">, <P ALIGN="CENTER">, <p align="CENTER">,
><p align="center">....keep going.

> Is there any real preference, or is there an actual W3C rule that
>says how they should be done? Jos Kahan?

I'm not Jos or Kahan (:D) but section 4 of the proposed XHTML specs at

says that element and attribute names are case-sensitive. So unless the definition allows for both cases, the names must be in lower case.

Although I didn't see anything that specified one way or the other, the attribute *values* may as well be lower case, also. So you would end up with <p align="center">.

XHTML alse requires all attribute values to be quoted - including those with just alphanumerics which were ok without quotes in HTML.

Also, all & characters in a value must be coded with &amp; to avoid possible interpretation as an encoded character entity. This applies especially to href URLS that contain more than one CGI argument. E.g. href="command.cgi?arg1=val1&amp;arg2=val2". This is current recommended practice but hardly anyone does it.

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