Minor nitpicks about headers in table format

From: Darryl Lee <lee_at_darryl.com_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 17:57:02 -0700 (PDT)
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Sorry if this has already been discussed. i think i have the latest version of Hypermail, and i searched through the archives for discussion on these issues.

After noticing that there's a nice "Table" view (usetable), i tried it out on one of my lists. But i found a few discrepancies in the headers:

  1. When "archives" is set in the .hmrc, instead of printing "Other mail archives" it's printing "Other groups".

i think this is because on line 128 of print.c, it uses lang[MSG_OTHER_GROUPS] instead of lang[MSG_OTHER_MAIL_ARCHIVES]

(Which is what's used in the non-table headers on line 202.)

2) The Starting: and Ending: headers and values appear to be

   reversed. That is, it comes up like so:

Mon May 01 2000 - 22:12:03 PDT: Starting Mon May 08 2000 - 18:11:47 PDT: Ending

When it should be:

Starting: Mon May 01 2000 - 22:12:03 PDT Ending: Mon May 08 2000 - 18:11:47 PDT

This also appears to be a problem in print.c, on lines 144 and 146, where the values for getdatestr(first_d) and lang[MSG_STARTING] are reversed. Same thing for the ending header and date.

i've made the aforementioned changes to my print.c file, recompiled, and things appear to work correctly. Unfortunately i'm not *really* a C programmer, so i don't know how to properly generate a diff and submit it (heck, i didn't even backup my original print.c! :), so i hope this gets to the right person for that kind of thing.


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