Need Help with msg2archive

From: jos <>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 23:18:34 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Hello Guys ...

I want to use Hypermails feature "msg2archive" to store the messages I'm receiving from a Mailinglist in HTML format. The readme that comes with "msg2archive" is unfortunately for a non Linux Guru like me not sufficient.

I followed so far these steps:

- installed the Hypermail RPM package (2b29)
- Downloaded the Hypermail src package
- made the following changes in lists.h:

#ifdef exchange
#define HYPERMAIL "/usr/bin/hypermail"
#define ARCHIVE "/home/httpd/html/archives/exchange"
#define MAILBOXDIR "/home/exchange/Mail"
#define LABEL "Exchange Mailing List"
#define ABOUT_LINK "../"
#define LISTNAME "exchange"

exchangemail: msg2archive.c lists.h

        $(CC) -Dexchange -o $_at_ msg2archive.c

exchange-rdmsg: mbox2hypermail.c lists.h

        $(CC) -Dexchange -o $_at_ mbox2hypermail.c

#exchange: "!/usr/bin/msg2archive"

Hmmm ... So something goes wrong .. I tried changing the entry in /etc/alias in:

exchange: "|usr/bin/msg2archive -A /home/httpd/html/archives/exchange -H /usr/bin/hypermail -M /home/exchange/Mail -L "Exchange-MailingList -l \"Exchange Mailing List\"""

This seems to do the trick but the titel for the pages are all wrong (stdin By Subject)

Offcourse I'm doing something wrong .... ;)

Any help will be appreciated !


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