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From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 12:13:16 -0600
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    Going through source again....and I asked this not too long ago and, pardon my rather short memory capability, but I forgot what we decided. Basically, I'm looking for [a] rule[s] that says how HTML tags ought to be written:

<H1 ALIGN=center...
<H1 ALIGN="center"...
<h1 align=...


    Personally, I use HomeSite to write HTML, and it will, by default, write *everything* in lowercase, and put quotes around the attributes. I know some people don't care for the quotes. Some people write color values in CAPS, some don't. And if I look at the code generated from programs such as Adobe PageMill, Adobe ImageReady, Macromedia Dreamweaver, HomeSite, etc., etc. (these are just those I have handy), they all write things different.

    So, has no one come up with a standard rule for this stuff? (W3C???) Or are companies that make authoring programs (as well as the browsers) just oblivious to these rules??


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