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From: Tony Ross <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 19:26:52 GMT
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The error message "stat=unknown mailer error 255" is generated by sendmail when you attempt to execute a program using the sendmail restricted shell "smrsh", without having a proper configuration.

There are two ways to fix this, and the method you choose depends on the level of security you require at your site.

Less secure is to edit the file from:

Mprog, P=/usr/lib/smrsh,<...>


Mprog, P=/bin/sh,<...>

Most secure is to include symbolic links in a certain directory to the programs you wish to pipe stdin to, such as hypermail. Please refer to for more complete information.


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On 9/21/00, 1:36:10 PM, Dan Newcombe <> wrote regarding Error 255 with messages with attachments:

> Maybe I'm missing something! This doesn't seem to fail with my test
> messages to my test list, but to other lists, when attachments are
> my maillog has a line saying 'stat=unknown mailer error 255', and the
> message is not added to the archive. If I manually run hypermail on
> list archive majordomo creates, it has no only seems to
> trouble when getting the messge via stdin.

> My line in /etc/aliases looks like:
> "|/usr/local/bin/hypermail -u -i -l 'listname archive' -d
> /Web/docs/hypermail/listname"

> Any pointers as to why it would puke so on attachments? The
attachment on
> the most recent test case is a word doc, sent via outlook express 5.0,
> has quite a few mime parts:
> Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
> Content-Type: text/plain;
> Content-Type: text/html;
> ...and the attachment.
> Content-Type: application/msword;
> name="Waffle 9-21.doc"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
> Content-Disposition: attachment;
> filename="Waffle 9-21.doc"

> Thanks!
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