Re: Will hypermail work with Netscape Mail server Inbox's?

From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 15:00:40 -0600
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Chris Schmidt wrote:

> I'm willing to try one of those methods, but I can't fathom a way to do it,
> so if anyone has some time to help it would be greatly appreciated.

    These are done running a standard bash shell:

    Method A (append all into one single file):

    cd inbox
    for file in * ; do echo $file >> ../big_inbox ; echo "" >> ../big_inbox ; done

    This will generate a large 'big_inbox' file OUTSIDE of the inbox directory (I send it outside so not to cause a nasty loop).

    Now just pipe this message through hypermail.     /usr/bin/hypermail -p -m big_inbox (plus whatever other options you need set, like config file, etc.)

    Method B (pipe each message individually through hypermail):

    cd inbox
    for file in * ; do /usr/bin/hypermail -p -m $file ; sleep 5 ; done

    Again, this will generate your archive, based on those messages. I added the 5 second delay because you wouldn't want hypermail to bring the whole box down with a ton of tasks - granted, it locks the directory every time, still. Give it time to do its thing before feeding it another message.

    One caveat: if the files are NOT named/numbered sequentially, in some matter that can be read through the command line without having to do some serious sorting and stuff, you might get in trouble.

    And if they really aren't, then....hmm...not sure. I mean, sure you can try to read them all in and do some sort of sorting prior to piping it through hypermail, but man, that many messages is just going to be a nightmare. I know procmail saves messages with names like abc, abd, abe, abf, etc., so, theoretically one could sort the directory, but that's still a pain to do, specially on that amount of messages. Anyone else have a better solution?

    I'd say, good luck, but I'm sure you already knew that.


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