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From: Crispen, Bob <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 07:25:42 -0600
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Something came up yesterday afternoon as I was working on the code -- it's going remarkably well, btw: a couple more bug squashes and I'll have it out to Daniel.

There's a file proto.h which contains function prototypes for *some* of the functions, though most of the ones I've worked with have been in the respective header files for each package.

Is the intended future direction to:

(a) Move every function prototype into


(b) Eventually eliminate proto.h and use
        only the header files for the packages?

(c) Declare function prototypes in

	both proto.h and in the header files
	for the package?

On the off chance that I get to vote, of the three, I like b a little better than a, with no stronger reason than "that's the way I've always done things" and I like either of them lots better than c.

Well, tell a lie. Another reason I prefer b is that choosing a would make it more difficult to use types you declare in package headers as function arguments.

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