RE: [hypermail] V2.0 release proposal, and Attachments index

From: Crispen, Bob <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 11:20:51 -0600
Message-Id: <>

Tom von Alten[] sez:

> Daniel Stenberg writes:
> > If we were to release hypermail 2.0
> > non-beta, I'd say that would be the b30 renamed to 2.0.
> Assuming that what Daniel meant to say was
> "Let's release 2b30 as version 2.0,"
> I'll second the motion. :-)

<aol>Metoo.</aol> Let's leave the attachments index for 2.1 until we've had a better chance to test it. As of now the changes I sent to Daniel have only been tested on Sun/Solaris. I don't expect any gotchas on other platforms, but you never know.

Btw, I've created a new .hmrc variable, attachmentsindex which you can set true or false. Wanna guess what it does?

> On the subject of subindexing messages with attachments, it sounds
> like a reasonable idea (for v2.1), especially for those who find
> themselves in Bob Crispen's sort of situation where "useful" and
> "non-useful" breaks down neatly along that line.

Yup. Especially if it's optional.

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