Re: Re(4): [hypermail] Wanted: a good flag for Win32 and an m4 guru

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 08:19:51 +0100 (MET)
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On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Rev. Bob 'Bob' Crispen wrote:

> I've seen some tests in configure files for cygwin, but -- perhaps
> because of the former fork -- they haven't worked too well, though this
> has shown up mostly on C++ which (thank God) we haven't got.

I've successfully run configure scripts on cygwin myself. A few years back when I actually still bothered to compile things on windows from time to time. It proved to work rather well.

C++ is troublesome in configure scripts in general, but let's not get into that in this forum.

> Unfortunately, that means somebody has got to write the code in configure
> that tests for cygwin, mingw32, getpwuid(), getopt(), etc.
> I have this sinking feeling that I know who that somebody is. ;-)

I'll happily volounteer to write the configure hacks to detect whatever we think is necessary. Just detecting the presense or absense of single functions are dead-easy. I'd have to dig around a little on how others have done to detect cygwin and mingw32 if we need that.

> Sigh. Looks like something else we have to cope with. I'll take it on,
> since I'm the one who's made the archives look crummy. Basically it
> boils down to s/Re(.*):/Re:/ followed by s/Re: Re:/Re:/ iterated. That
> may cure a couple of other email client peculiarities as well (e.g., "Re:
> RE:", which I haven't seen in the wild, but suspect might happen when
> somebody with a proper email client responds to a reply from an Exchange
> user).

As was later noted, this should already be dealt with. I believe I've been involved in fixing that.

However, this brings up a dear favourite of mine and an idea I've been having for quite some time:

        full regex search and replace in mails

We can filter out Re: strings and remain confident we remove silly text added by email clients. We can perhaps removed FW: or (fwd) strings. But as Tom von Alten elegantly shows with his perl script, there will be times when one of us wants to remove german strings. I'm a Swede, I use hypermail for pure Swedish lists at times and some localized email clients prepend swedish versions of Re: to replies. I would love to strip that off.

Many mailing list softwares add "[listname]" to the subject line and while we have a kludgey hack that does its best at removing such strings it could be better with a general purpose search/replace feature...

Many mailing lists add weird stuff in the beginning or end of mails that are sent out to subscribers. I would like hypermail to be able to filter off parts of mails that I have found not part of the mail body.

I've not thought this through properly and I don't have a suggested implementation or syntax on how to control this, but I've missed this many times...

> Btw, I may not have access to MSVC++ for a while at work, so I'm
> definitely looking for a volunteer who's got that to give it a try when I
> get the Windows build for hypermail ready for tentative release.

I'm sure someone will pop up, or else we'll ignore that compiler until somone comes along that gives it a try.

> Incidentally, I think we should definitely consider supplying the Win32
> binaries for hypermail

"we" are free to supply binary versions for any platform, but I figure windows is the single most important and requested binary package.

Speaking of these things, we should probably ask Kent of someone else could be let in to admin the web site do add such things and maybe do a general overhaul of the web.

> I do *not* want to see us get into the situation I've seen in other open
> source projects where the Win32 version is a separate branch (and
> therefore requires separate hand maintenance)

I totally agree.

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