Re: [hypermail] Wanted: a good flag for Win32 and an m4 guru

From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 00:38:54 -0800
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Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Many mailing lists add weird stuff in the beginning or end of mails that are
> sent out to subscribers. I would like hypermail to be able to filter off
> parts of mails that I have found not part of the mail body.

    Something comes to mind: free email sites that add a footer to msgs sent. I would LOVE to kill those once and for all.

> Speaking of these things, we should probably ask Kent of someone else could
> be let in to admin the web site do add such things and maybe do a general
> overhaul of the web.

    The last 'contribution' was me building - granted, it's a single page that I put together in less than half an hour, but hey, I did my part... <grin> Anyways, I can (without much headache) redesign the site (with Kent's approval), however before we decide to do something like that, maybe we should all brain storm first and see if there is anything that would be of benefit on the site or not, additions, removals, etc., etc...


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