Re: [hypermail] getting the hypermail project on its feet again

From: Nicolas Noble <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 13:39:40 +0100 (CET)
Message-ID: <>

> Suggestion 1: we make the web site based on a CVS'ed directory. The web
> site automatically 'cvs update' like once an hour/day or so, and the people
> who have CVS write access may freely edit the pages and commit them at will.
> Suggestion 2: one person becomes 'webmaster' and may take whatever means
> necessary to set up things and a framework so that suggestion 1 becomes
> possible.

Suggestion 1&2 bis: moving the website into a sourceforge project since they already got such mecanisms.

> If we don't act, hypermail will continue its decay and it will eventually
> just end up on that huge pile of dead software projects. I'll certainly
> abandon the ship before that happens. I just think it would be a shame to see
> that happen when there's potential in the project.

I agree. Hypermail is a great piece of software but we should be able to get a little more from it. However, we should get people moving up and ready to code for it or, as you said, nobody will continue it.

Well, stay tuned...


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