[hypermail] Substitution Cookies

From: Ron Pero <rpero_at_boone.net_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 15:38:55 -0500
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Am creating template pages for the headers and footers, just to get rid of the "Thread View" link and make a minor text modification... (Was going to modify print.c, but after looking at it, decided to not. Didn't feel I should bother tracking down lang[MSG_OTHER_MAIL_ARCHIVES].)

And, I need some help. I want to replicate those nice links in the usetable format, but a couple substitution cookies elude me.

  1. Is this how %m is intended to be used?
    <th><a href="mailto:%m">New Message</a></th>
  2. And the %m, %s and %i in the Reply? Will they be url encoded?
    <th><a href="mailto:%m?subject=%s&replyto=%i">Reply</a></th>

Or should I use the $TO, $SUBJECT, and $ID as in the config file? mailcommand = mailto:$TO?subject=$SUBJECT&replyto=$ID

3. Does someone have an example of header/footer templates that replicate the functionality of the usetable=1 of the config file, that you could show me?

4. This kind of thing appears in all my message pages. Is it necessary? Is it used by hypermail? Or can I safely leave it out?
<h1>The subject</h1>
<!-- received="Thu Mar 1 09:46:48 2001" -->
<!-- isoreceived="20010301154648" -->
<!-- sent="Thu, 01 Mar 2001 10:38:24 -0500" -->
<!-- isosent="20010301153824" -->
<!-- name="My Name" -->
<!-- email="me_at_somewhere.COM" -->
<!-- subject="The subject" -->
<!-- id="sa9e26bezzz.000_at_mail.somewhere.com" -->


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