Re: [hypermail] In-Reply-To field and Netscape

From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 11:36:26 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <> (Roderick Bloem) writes:
>I agree that the headers do not comply to the standard. They should be
>encoded. If I understand correctly, every & that does not separate
>arguments, should be replaced by %26. I would argue that this is a bug
>in hypermail.

 I have checked in those changes to A quick test with lynx shows that it still doesn't use the In-Reply-To.

>get matched correctly. This happens no longer. Did the subject-based
>matching become stricter from 2b29 to 2b30?

 The relevant code seems to be in struct.c (a search on "match" seems to find the code in question). It doesn't appear to have changed between those versions.

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