Re: [hypermail] deleting messages, honoring Expires, X-No-Archive

From: Ashley M. Kirchner <>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 13:37:26 -0600
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"Peter C. McCluskey" wrote:

> I can think of three ways that users might want deletions to appear:
> A) leave the message's file, removing the text between <!-- body="start" -->
> and <!-- body="end" --> (probably replacing it with a message saying
> "deleted").
> B) remove the file, leaving a gap in the msgnums.
> C) remove the file, renumber messages after it to remove gap in the msgnums.

    C: No
    B: Okay
    A: Okay

    My personal choice would be for A. I can see cases where someone might (still) want to know what that deleted msg was. Heck, even I might. Been through this before, where I pitch a message in a thread, and several days, weeks, months later I'm scratching my head wondering why I deleted and/or what was in it in the first place. I much rather have a copy of the message, just don't display it - like you suggested, adding a 'msg deleted' type message instead.

    This would also avoid having to work around a gap in msgnums, no?


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