[hypermail] ISO-2022-JP support

From: Hisashi Gotoh <gotoh_at_horae.dti.ne.jp_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 05:20:33 +0900
Message-Id: <20010405052033F.gotoh_at_horae.dti.ne.jp>

Hello, I added support to Hypermail 2.1.0 for ISO-2022-JP(RFC1468) encoding messages. I attach a patch to this mail.

ISO-2022-JP is a standard of Japanese e-mail.

To process the Japanese e-mail, set a new option "iso2022jp" to 1. Of course, it works good as for US-ASCII messages with "iso2022jp=1".

  Difficult points to process the Japanese string are to parse the URL   or e-mail string and to convert the HTML specific characters   (e.g. &quot;). To solve these, I added new functions,   iso2022jp_state() and hm_strchr().

  iso2022_state() evalutes the target string if it is US-ASCII or   ISO-2022-JP. hm_strchr() is same as strchr(), but it processes only   US-ASCII atring.

  "Messages sorted by: " field is empty if there is un-set "-c config"   option.

You can see sample output, below URL:


If there is no problem with this patch, I wish it is included in the next release :)


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