Re: [hypermail] Some problems with 2.1.1

From: peter karlsson <>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 21:51:35 +0200 (CEST)
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Peter C. McCluskey:

> The default is to generate index pages in the subdirectories for the
> messages in each, but not to generate index pages for the complete archive.

But it shouldn't lose the old indices, should it?

> I don't understand this. Please describe more completely.

Have a look at -- only index four and five are listed, and four only shows up with 170 messages, even though all 500 messages are there. Index one, two and three are not listed anymore, even though they too have 500 messages each in their respective directories. When I first generated the file from an mbox, all the directories were created, but when I first updated (I have set up a procmail filter to add each new message), it truncated the index to only show the last 500 messages, even though all messages are still there.

> This sounds like a recently fixed bug. Try getting a new version from cvs.

Are there any semi-stable tar-balls available, or should I just try the bleeding-edge cvs?

(I don't normally like to get Cc'ed with mail to lists that I do read, but since the list seems to be extremely slow (today?) I'll keep the Cc).

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