[hypermail] having trouble updating archive

From: Robin Goldstone <robing_at_llnl.gov_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 10:16:39 -0700
Message-Id: <01070210163903.09635_at_wonder.llnl.gov>

I am having trouble getting hypermail (version 2.1.1 -- I can't get 2.1.2 to compile on my AIX 4.3.3 system) to correctly update an existing archive. I initially created the archive from a saved-off mailbox containing a bunch of messages dated from June 01 through Jun 29. I did this as follows:

hypermail -c .hmrc -m june.archive -l "Blue-Admin Archive for Jun 2001"

My .hmrc file contains this:

dir = /usr/local/admin/ba-archives/%y/%M dirmode = 0755
filemode = 0644

inline_types = text/*
ignore_types = application/*
ignore_types = image/*

I ran this command mid-afternoon on June 29 and it resulted in creation of an archive in /usr/local/admin/ba-archive/2001/Jun which looks just fine. It has messages 0000.html through 0221.html and the appropriate indexes.

Then I set up an automated procedure for updating this archive (and future archives) nightly from the active mailbox via a nightly cron job. The cron job looks like this:

YR=`date +%Y`
MON=`date +%b`

# build the hypermail archives
$HM -c $HMRC -m $MBOX -l "Blue-Admin Archive for $MON $YR"

if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then

        rm -f $MBOX

It ran for the first time on June 29 at 11:55 pm. When I checked the next morning, I found that hypermail had overwritten five of the old messages with five new ones. In otherwords, the "old" 0000.html through 0005.html were gone and overwritten with new versions of these files containing messages from the active mailbox!

I just searched the hypermail mailing list archives and found a message saying that "-x" is now the default and in order to override this, I have to explicitly turn off ovewrite via "overwrite = 0" in my .hmrc. So I made this change and re-ran my update script. However, now hypermail is NOT adding the new messages to the archive, but it is rewriting the index files as if it were. In other words, index.html was rewritten with references to only five messages pointing to 0000.html through 0005.html, yet the actual messages 0000.html through 0005.html are the old (original) versions of these messages.

Neither of these behaviors is what I am after. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something, but what I expect hypermail to do for an incremental update, is to add the new messages with UNIQUE message numbers i.e. starting where the old message numbers left off, and then the indices updated appropriately to reflect the addition of the new messages.

Can someone tell me how I can accomplish this?

Thank you.
Robin Goldstone
Lawrence Livermore National Lab Received on Mon 02 Jul 2001 08:58:10 PM GMT

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