Re: [hypermail] Question concerning .hm2index with date indexing on

From: Scott Rose <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 08:08:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> I have recently installed hypermail 2.1.2. For one of my mail lists
> configured it
> to do folder_by_date and monthly_index. I use a mail alias
> update scheme.
> My problem comes in that I have occasionally had some problem like
> permissions
> crop up (due to fat fingered admin) that causes the hypermail to
> and not update.
> Ok, I can fix things and resend, but hypermail removes the .hm2index
> prior to having its
> problem, so that even if I DO fix the permissions, the list archive
> fails because the .hm2index
> is missing.

I wrote that indexing code, though it was integrated by somebody else. The design of the the indexing- which we use on hundreds of hypermail archives- is such that there is no requirement that the .hm2index file exist when mail arrives: if it exists, it's used and maintained; if it does not exist, it is created.

I just tested to see if it's still behaving according to design, and it is on my system. Specifically, I sent mail to an archive that uses the GDBM indexing scheme, then deleted the .hm2index file, then sent new mail, then verified that the .hm2index file was recreated.

This was with hypermail 2.1.2 on a system derived from Redhat Linux 6.1. The mode of the archive directory, owned by me, is 0775, and the .hm2index file is created 0600. The command line, stored in /www/mail/test (owned by me), was

  "|/usr/adm/sm.bin/hypermail-2.1.2 -c /www/mail/testrc -lTesty -guid /www/htdocs/lab/hype/.test"

The associated email alias was

  hype-test: :include: /www/mail/test

I strongly suspect that your issue has to do with residual bungled permissions.

To test, may I propose that you try removing the .hm2index from an archive that hasn't had the permissions mangled, then prove to yourself that it's recreated without complaint when the next mail message arrives?

    -Scott Rose Received on Thu 26 Jul 2001 05:17:30 PM GMT

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