Re: [hypermail] index page update

From: Tobias Weber <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 23:10:12 +0100 (CET)
Message-Id: <>

On 18 Nov, Peter C. McCluskey wrote:

>>Oh, and for some reason the sort order in the generated "List of
>>Folders" is (on full reread) as follows:
>>0111, 9912, <conting down>, 9904 (birthdate), 0001, <counting up>, 0110.

>  It was assuming that the messages came in close enough to chronological
> order that the folders would be ordered reasonably. It sounds like your
> mbox is strangely ordered. I've checked in a change which should insure
> that they end up sorted from earliest to most recent.

That worked until Dec 1. Now 0111 is sorted in after 0112.

I tried hypermail CVS from Nov 18 and Dec 10.

The offending page is using and a 4MB mbox I could bzip you on request.

However since October the mbox should be in order, since no program touched it except for procmail to append messages.

  Tobias Weber
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