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From: Bill Moseley <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 20:30:01 -0800
Message-Id: <>

At 07:22 PM 12/28/01 -0500, Jim Lill wrote:
>I use procmail to split up incoming stuff from a list into 10 sub-cats and
>then let HM makes 10 archives. I do this by subject. I need 10X hmrc files
>to do this although the bulk of the hmrc files is identical. Is there a
>function I'm missing that would allow include of a basic hmrc into the
>by-subject specific hmrc.

Hi Jim,

This is not really related but it solves a similar problem for me:

Just in the last few hours I wrote a perl script to automate hypermail to some degree. I've got a bunch of lists that I need to archive. The lists all have mbox files in gzip and text format (ezmlm generated lists) with each collection of mbox files in their own directory. I'm also adding a search feature to the archive using swish-e.

The way it works is you setup one config file where [text] marks a section that defines a list. e.g.:

[Title of This List One]

    list_email      =
    archive_dir     = otherdir
    strip_subject   = [Somelist Discussion]
    mbox_dir        = /path/to/mbox/files
    hypermail_opts  = gmtime=On, showhtml=1
    header_order    = List-Post To Cc

[Title of This List Two]


Running the program like:

  ./ --create

scans the config file and for each section (list archive) that doesn't already exist, it creates a directory for the archive, and if mbox_dir exists, reads in any mbox files and runs hypermail for each one building the hypermail archive from scratch. Then it indexes the archive for searching with swish-e.

In .procmailrc, I use:

    : 0w
    | ./ --mode=update

Then the mail headers are scanned to route it to the correct archive. It uses the header_order config setting and looks for the address set by list_email.

Then there's also a crontab entry:

0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * ./ --mode=index --chdir $HOME/archives

which reindexes (for swish-e) any archives that have been added to in the last ten minutes.

For your setup I suppose you could set

   header_order = Subject
   match_string = foo

to match automatically for you. I suppose it would be helpful to make match_string a regular expression.

It's probably overkill for your setup unless you want to provide a search engine for the archive, as well.

I'm currently testing this at:

But that's only a temporary location.

If interested let me know by private email -- I can always use help testing...

I can also use pointers on how to best configure higher volume lists, and how best way to purge old messages.

Bill Moseley
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