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From: Scott Stark <sstark_at_hi-beam.net_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 09:51:26 -0700
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I'm running an older version of hypermail, hypermail 2.0b3. Unfortunately I'm not able to install a later version on my web hosting service (where I have a shell account), but for my "convenience" they have put an executable version of it in my home directory, which I call using procmail.

I can get hypermail to execute both from procmail and from the command line. However, I can't get it to read the configuration files with the '-c' option. (All other options, including -d, -l, -u seem to work fine.) I also tried creating a .hmrc file in the same directory as the executable, but it doesn't seem to read it.

Also, some email messages -- I guess those with special characters (?) -- come up with blank body sections.

Any idea how I can get this old version up to speed?

For reference:

I execute hypermail with the following command:

/usr341/home/s/l/slugger4/hypermail -i -u -l "My Archive" -d

"/usr341/home/s/l/slugger4/public_html/fw/fw20" -c 
"/usr341/home/s/l/slugger4/hypermail_config/hypermail.config" -a 

My hypermail.config file:

uselock = 1
locktime = 360
body = <BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" LINK="#008000" VLINK="#008080"> archives = http://thecity.sfsu.edu/users/XFactor/fw/index.html showreplies = 1
increment = 1
mailcommand = mailto:$TO?subject=$SUBJECT ihtmlheaderfile =
ihtmlfooterfile =
mhtmlfooterfile =


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