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From: Kent Landfield <kent_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 09:13:19 -0500 (CDT)
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# On Sat, Aug 03, 2002 at 09:01:51PM +0200, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
# > However in the three source files in archive/ you will find
# > This license statement forbits commercial use and thus is a
# > proprietory software license incompatible with the GNU GPL.
# > - Reimplement it as Free Software.
# I've implemented a similar functionality in python under GNU LGPL.
# The result is attached.
# It can almost do everything that msg2archive could do.
# Together with "formail" it also replaces mailbox2archive for me.
# (e.g. like cat hypermail-test.9907 | formail -s msg2hypermailarchive.py --month 7 --year 1999 -L hypermail-test -v )
# BTW: All my little programs successfully run at the ffii.org
# mailarchive now. ffii.org/archive/mails
# e.g: http://www.ffii.org/archive/mails/groff/
# Bernhard

So let me get this straight... Instead of asking me nicely the status directly, you post a complaint to the list. Then you respond to your own message with a substitute for the piece you are complaining about. And the reason you are complaining is that you cannot make money directly off of the original ? Hypermail is distributed as a part of commercial packages. The vendors have distributed what this project has created. There is no problem there at all. If you decide to make a specific commercial version of hypermail then that's a different beast. Is that why you wish to get the license corrected ? Or is this a simple "let's be pure GPL" ? I'd like to understand what you are trying to do and why. You can email me directly if you wish. I'd prefer that myself. I would have likely changed it earlier if you had asked me directly. Your tactics have me curious...

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