Re: [hypermail] Flag to export mails older than a date

From: Ricardo Malta <>
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 09:52:14 +0200
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Hi Peter,

sorry but I've not found the new option under it is probably not yet updated :-(

But anyway this is not exactly what I intended :-(

Actually I delete the e-mails manually. What I was thinking about is a filter to export messages older than a date !!

Hypermail exports today all my e-mails. But the e-mail I got this year I need them online. So I do not need to export them. But the e-mails I recived last year and the year before should be archieved ;-)

I though of a filter telling hypermail to process only e-mails older than a given date. Messages newer than this date do not get exported.

But I must say, the option "delete_older" is a good complementation, as it reduces my work, deleting the e-mail afterwards :-)

Ricardo wrote:
> (Ricardo Malta) writes:
> >I think it would be a nice thing to export the mail older than a specific
> >date :-)
> >
> >Kind of: hypermail -older "2002-01-01"
> >After this I can remove my old mails and the Sysadm is happy again ;-)
> Ok, I've checked in a new option "delete_older" which deletes messages
> older than the date specified in the option. See docs/hmrc.html for more
> info. Is that what you wanted?
> I also noticed that the expires option wasn't working in the incremental
> mode, and fixed that.
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