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From: Vincent McIntyre <Vince.McIntyre_at_atnf.csiro.au_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 19:52:23 +1000 (EST)
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Hi list,

This is a first go at a patch to replace the originating domain of the sender with a random string, so you can hide people's email addresses but still get some idea of who sent what to the list. I hope this feature doesn't exist already!

The attached patch is in diff -urN format, against 2.1.4.

I've added a configuration variable "antispamdomain". To turn it on, set
 spamprotect = 1
 antispamdomain = "some_string"
in the config file.
This will rewrite lgm_at_seti.org to lgm_at_some_string. It also rewrites the "display name" if there is an email address in that.

I added some examples to tests/test.rc as well.

 It would be nice to use some kind of formatting text to have  more control over the output, without having to rebuild the code.

 The case antispamdomain = "" could be handled more gracefully.

Two other comments.
 Could not get it to compile statically on solaris2.6  Not sure what the problem is there.

 I found the --with-gdbm configure option does a bad job of  setting up dynamic linking; LD_LIBRARY_PATH is evil.  In src/Makefile, configure should set

    OPT_LIBS = -R/path/to/gdbm/lib -L/path/to/gdbm/lib -lgdbm  Could someone who understands autoconfig take a look?


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