Re: [hypermail] Flag to export mails older than a date

From: Ricardo Malta <>
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 09:39:19 +0200
Message-Id: <> wrote:
> (Ricardo Malta) writes:
> >Hi Peter,
> >
> >sorry but I've not found the new option under it is
> >probably not yet updated :-(
> It is available via cvs, but it probably won't get into a tar file for a
> while.
> >Hypermail exports today all my e-mails. But the e-mail I got this year I need
> >them online. So I do not need to export them. But the e-mails I recived last
> >year and the year before should be archieved ;-)
> Ok, I added another option delete_newer which works just like the delete_older
> option except that it affects messages after a date rather than before a date.
Sorry Peter, but isn't yet what I am talking about :-(

I'm talking about a flag like "export_older", or "archive_older". With this flag only messages older than the given date will be added to the HTML archive.


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