Re: [hypermail] configure problem in shared environment

From: kent landfield <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 09:00:35 -0600 (CST)
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Scott Hochberg writes:
> Hi,
> Trying to install hypermail-2.1.5 on linux server in a shared "virtual host"
> environment where I don't have access to very top level directories.
> Configure fails, with:
> loading cache ./config.cache
> ./configure: /dev/null: Permission denied
> ./configure: /dev/null: Permission denied
> configure: error: can not run ./config.sub
> Tech support at the host told me:
> >In researching your ticket I found that because telnet is not set as a
> changeroot enviroment you >will need to specify the absolute path the your
> dev/null file as follows:
> >./configure: /vs6/vs6/scotthoc/dev/null

???? Seems your ISP is confused. Check the permissions on /dev/null. On any system /dev/null should not be restricted. It is a bit bucket. If you are connected via a non-chrooted environment then you will already need to access to /dev/null. Something is fishy.

Configure is only using /dev/null during compilation. Have the ISP configure it if that is the only system problem.

> My hunch is there are other places that a similar substitution must be made,
> but have no clue how to systematically find them or enter a command line
> parameter to get make the appropriate changes.
> Can anyone help??
> Many thanks.
> Scott Hochberg
> Postage $aver Software

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