Re: [hypermail] anchors don't have leading zero

From: Zvi Har'El <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:39:54 +0200
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You can look at the archive in . In the message file, you see the lines
<li><strong>Messages sorted by:</strong> 
<a href="date.html#50">[ date ]</a>
<a href="index.html#50">[ thread ]</a>
<a href="subject.html#50">[ subject ]</a>
<a href="author.html#50">[ author ]</a>
<a href="attachment.html">[ attachment ]</a>

and in the thread index file

<li><a href="0050.html"><strong>RE: Mighty Orinoco ad</strong></a> <a name="0050
"><em>Mark Eckell <small>(Mon Jan 27 2003 - 21:21:20 IST)</small></em></a> </ul>

This is different in the other index files: {date, author, subject}.html all have a <a name="50"> anchors.

The files do not display the version of hypermail used to generate them and I should recify this. However, I generated them using the hypermail version I installed, and hypermail -V gives me "hypermail: Version: 2.1.6 Patchlevel: 0". I don't use a .hmrc file, but rather run

hypermail -i -p -x -c $tmp.0

where $tmp.0 consists of the isix lines

hm_ihtmlheaderfile = $tmp.1
hm_ihtmlfooterfile = $tmp.2
hm_mhtmlheaderfile = $tmp.3
hm_mhtmlfooterfile = $tmp.4
hm_dir = $year/$month
hm_domainaddr =

and all the headers and footer files are dynamically generated.

I apologize that I specified NAME in uppercase in my bug report, rather, then name in lower case.

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 14:52:09 -0800, Peter C. McCluskey wrote about "Re: [hypermail] anchors don't have leading zero":
> (Zvi Har'El) writes:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I have noticed, using hypermail 2.1.6, that the hrefs to messages sorted by ...
> >in the footer of message page have anchors which are the message number, but
> >without the leading zeros. E.g, although the index page have anchors like
> ><A NAME="0030">, the message page has <A HREF="...#30">. I beleive the culprit
> I can't find any index pages with leading zeros in the anchors, nor can I
> find any anchors with an uppercase A NAME=. I see anchors with leading zeros
> in the thread_body*.html files produced by the files_by_thread option, but
> I don't see any faulty links to those anchors.
> Please tell us what ~/.hmrc you are using and give the name of a file in
> which you see the <A NAME="0030">. Also please verify that the bottom of
> the pages say "This archive was generated by hypermail 2.1.6" rather than
> some old version.
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