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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:22:28 -0600 (CST)
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> My problem: after running ./configure the INSTALL file says
> If you wish to test the new hypermail before installing it
> - chdir to tests/
> - copy a mailbox you have to a local file named "testmail"
> - type "sh ./testhm"
> This will generate an archive under a newly created "testdir/"
> directory. Check it out with your favorite browser.
> I am working on a intel-pc with suse linux 8.1.I need hypermail just for
> local use to sort my mailinglists. My mailprgramm is KMail
> and it works fine.But I cannot copy a mailbox, for example /home/mk/Mail/
> suesmailinglist/cur, to the file testmail.To my opinion its not possible
> to copy a directory into a file and thats what my system tells me also. I can
> only create a directory called testmail, and when I say "sh ./testhm" it
> says file or directory not found.I am sure its a silly mistake i make
> but I cannnot find it on my own. So I hope for some help.

The mailbox that it is talking about is a unix mailbox 'file' that contains multiple messages in a single mailbox file. There are examples in the tests/mboxes directory. Try this.

	$ cd tests/
	$ cp mboxes/t8 testmail
	$ sh ./testhm

Hope this helps.

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