Re: [hypermail] How to split the archives into months?

From: kent landfield <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 10:01:08 -0600 (CST)
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Paul F. Williams writes:

> We have been running hypermail for a number of years on an
> AIX system but I wasn't able to compile the latest version of
> hypermail on the system so decided to move to a new system.

I would be interested in a copy of a 'configure; make -i' from the AIX box so we can correct it. If so, please send it to

> I am trying to get hypermail to separate postings
> by month and year but I am not having much success.

Use the dir= directive and the substitution cookies documented in the hmrc man page.

     dir = directory
              This  is the directory that Hypermail will look for
              when creating and updating archives.  If defined as
              NONE  the  directory will have the same name as the
              input mailbox.

          Using date substitution cookies, you can tell Hypermail
          to  archive  messages  in  directories by the date they
          were received.

          Substitution cookies supported

              %d - two digit day of month (1-28/30/31)
              %D - three letter day of the week
              %m - two digit month of year (1-12)
              %M - three letter month of year (Jan, ..., Dec)
              %y - four digit year (1990,..2001)

          For example, if you wished to  have  Hypermail  archive
          files by year and month, you might use

                    dir = /lists/somelist/%y/%M

          When  a  message  was  received  it would be put into a
          directory  /lists/somelist/1998/Jun  (if  the   message
          arrived  in  June of 1998).  If the message arrives and
          there is no storage directory, Hypermail will automatically
          create it and store the message in the new direcory.

> We do not have the emails in an mbox format but process them as they
> come in. This has led to a problem on the AIX system with huge
> number of messages being indexed.

Take a look at the utilities in the archive/ subdirectory. I use msg2archive and it stores it into mailbox files and then have hypermail use the substitution cookies to store it in the exact month directories.

> Another question.
> If one has a huge indexed list (no mbox file) is there a way
> to delete some messages? Or is it possible to redo the directory
> archive so one can separate postings into year/month sections.

Take a look at contrib/ You might be able to convert the hypemail archive back into a mailbox file and then use the utility archive/mbox2hypermail to convert it back into a year/month archive. The utility is not perfect so check the mbox or related results.

Do others have any other thoughts ?

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