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From: kent landfield <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 08:54:12 -0600 (CST)
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tino brackebusch writes:
> hi, i am new with hypermail. i downloaded version 2.1.7 but missing any
> exe. does it not work as a usual program? i need it, cause i get mails
> that are encoded and not readable. "harp-l-digest V6 #99" this is what
> i find in the chaos and "not the latest version" . so i am hunting for
> a program decoding that chaos.

Hypermail is a email to web archiver. It creates web pages for the individual mail messages that it processes. It does not decode attachments but it will store them with the associated links to the originating email web page.

hypermail 2.1.7 is distributed as source code. It is not distributed in binary form at this time. If you are looking for decoding support, take a look at metamail and MIME resources on Unix systems. Most Windows-based mail readers already have that capability built in.

And if it is transmitted as octet-stream.... read my previous email sent today on the subject...

Your other choice is to check and see if the harp-l-digest is available in a straight text form.

> can you help me?

Best I can do...

> cheers, tinobee

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