Re: [hypermail] what about nntp?

From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 16:05:11 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <> (ArteQ) writes:
>I'd like to use hypermail so as to create archive of a usenews group. The
>problem is that the server that holds posts that I'm interested in does NOT
>offer getting messages via mail. I can only use nntp protocol. Now, the
>question is - how do I get message via nntp and put it to hypermail? I
>assume that there is no build-in option for doing this. Maybe there should

 I use tin to read news, and it saves news in the format that Hypermail uses.
 It's probably not too hard to automate this. I see this in the tin man page:
  "tin allows new/unread news articles to be mailed (``-M'' and ``-N'' option) or saved (``-S'' option) in batch mode for later reading."

 There are probably a number of other programs which would do something similar.

 I don't think nntp handling should be integrated into the hypermail binary, but there should probably be a more detailed explanation in the docs of a way to configure a system to send news to hypermail.

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