Re: [hypermail] what about nntp?

From: kent landfield <>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 22:23:14 -0500 (CDT)
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ArteQ writes:
> hi
> I'd like to use hypermail so as to create archive of a usenews group. The
> problem is that the server that holds posts that I'm interested in does NOT
> offer getting messages via mail. I can only use nntp protocol. Now, the
> question is - how do I get message via nntp and put it to hypermail? I
> assume that there is no build-in option for doing this. Maybe there should
> be? Nowadays most people prefer nntp, and don't use mail to get usenews
> (old-date subscribe passed away...). I think there should be some simple
> trick for doing that. Some perl script? That should be easy... But
> unfortunately I'm not keen on perl, so a example script would be nice if you
> wouldn't mind :-) Maybe someone already have done this?
> ArteQ

Take a look at rkive located at It is a usenet archiver. Granted it has not changed in many years but then neither has Usenet. :) (The usefor working group is still trying to update Henry's son-of-1036 document 7 years later...) rkive is used to do just what you want it to do. Take a look at using the external command feature. Hypermail would be setup as the external command for rkive to use to process the inbound news messages either as they arrive or if desired, from a batch file. Very easy and very powerful...

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