Re: [hypermail] dir option weirdness

From: Peter C.McCluskey <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 10:20:25 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <> (kent landfield) writes:
>There was some initial discussion about this along time ago though I don't
>see it in the archives... If I remember right, the concerns were based on
> * trust of the Date: header generated on a foreign site, allowing
> an external person from messing up your archives by putting in
> bogus date information,
> * Use of received headers not always consistent between sites,
> certain received headers can be disabled locally for concealment
> of local information, multiple received headers due to hops,
> listmanager usage, etc..
> * Use of received headers not always consistent MTAs
> (postfix, sendmail, etc.).
>My biggy was the first one as someone did just that to an archive I managed
>more than once. To eliminate all of the above, the local time on the system
>was used. If the man page is wrong, let's change it. Note however, it does
>not say the date in the Received header is used. But point taken, the wording
>can be confusing.

 The first reason is a good argument against using the Date: header, but it doesn't sound like a good argument against using the fromdate field of struct emailinfo.
 The other reasons only seem important if a significant number of sites produce "From " lines that hypermail thinks it can parse but parses incorrectly. But if that weren't rare, I think we would have heard more complaints about other parts of hypermail producing strange dates.  I'm still inclined to change the code to use the fromdate unless I hear a good reason not to.

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