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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 10:54:03 -0500 (CDT)
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Jason Byrne writes:
> In using Hypermail on our website, it would be extremely helpful if
> there > was an option to HTML encode displayed e-mail addresses. On
> the rest of our site, this has proved extremely helpful in fighting
> spam, as spam-bots can't really read HTML encoded addresses, but they
> show up fine in any browser.
> Is this functionality something you would consider adding in the future?
> Thanks!
> Jason Byrne
> Communications Editor
There are things in hypermail that may be of use now. This is from running a "hypermail -v > tmp.rc".

# replace any _at_ sign with this string, if spam flags enabled antispam_at = _at_

# Set this to On to make hypermail not output real email addresses
# in the output HTML but instead it will obfuscate them a little.
# You can control the obfuscation with set_antispamdomain.
spamprotect = Off
# By default hypermail only does a small amount of massaging
# of email addresses. Use this to completely replace the domain
# from which a message originates (everything after the _at_)
# with some string to confuse screen-scraping programs.
# It is probably wise to make this an invalid mail domain.
antispamdomain =
# Set this to On to make hypermail not output real email message
# ids in HTML comments (sometimes used internally by hypermail) but
# instead it will obfuscate them a little so they don't look like
# email addresses to spammers.

spamprotect_id = Off

If these don't fit your needs please let me know.

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