Re: [hypermail] tar file of pre-commit hypermail WAI enhancements

From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 12:43:26 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>

 I get a segfault with option linkquotes=1 (something needs to change with array indices around line 574 of finelink.c).

 I get a segfault with indextable=1.

 There's no default that does any equivalent of "body {color: black; background: #ffffff}". Something should be done about that.

 I'm not sure I like the phrase "More options". Maybe it should be "Index files"? (Jose Kahan) writes:
>There is a price to pay for the WAI enhancements (unless we find out
>a workaround): the backward compatibilty with existing archives. This
>is not so serious as it sounds! I mean that when upgrading a given
>period in the mail archive, hypermail uses HTML comments as internal
>markers, to know which parts of old messages it should update. This
>is used for example, when adding the next/previous links to messages.
>I had to change the name of some of those markers because the new markup
>has become completely different. This means that if you upgrade to
>the new hypermail, the previous messages won't be updated to give
>the new links to new messages. The indexes will be updated, though.
>A solution could be to detect the previous marker name and generate
>the old style of markup, but this has to be programmed.

 Checking for the old text looks easy enough that I don't see any excuse for having it incompatible.

>- Like I said above, decide whether we want to have separate index
> and message customization options or if we're going to use the
> same ones and rename the new options then as needed.

 I have no opinion on this.

>- I18N. I added several new messages, but I have only done so in the
> English version. I didn't add the new extra entries to the other
> languages so it will crash when using them. I also didn't format
> correctly the new entries (adding their name using comments). I
> grouped all the new messages under a section called "WAI".

 It segfaults when I specify another language. You need to put some sort of string for each entry - English or a guess at what's right in the target language.

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