Re: [hypermail] tar file of pre-commit hypermail WAI enhancements

From: Jose Kahan <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 17:11:08 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Hello Peter,

Thanks for your feedback. See my inline responses here below.

I uploaded a new tar.gz ball with the changes and some updates. Could you give it a try again?

I'm still waiting for approval to commit my changes :)


On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 12:43:26PM -0700, Peter C. McCluskey wrote:
> I get a segfault with option linkquotes=1 (something needs to change
> with array indices around line 574 of finelink.c).

I was unable to reproduce this bug. Can you take the new tgz I uploaded and see if you still have it? I may have fixed it. If you still have it, can you give me a test case to reproduce it? Or, if you have time, maybe you can take a look at it? You're the one

> I get a segfault with indextable=1.


There were some invalid HTML cases that occured with this option (after the WAI changes) so I fxied them too.

> There's no default that does any equivalent of
> "body {color: black; background: #ffffff}". Something should be done about
> that.

This can be solved through CSS, by adding a rule saying:

	body { color: black;
	       background-color: #ffffff;

Should I add that default rule?

Up to now, if the user doesn't specify a default CSS, we're embedding CSS rules at the top of each file produced by hypermail. After thinking about this, I guess this was the wrong approach (I'm the one who had proposed it, so blame me!). I think that it would be good to change this so that hypermail points to a default CSS location, e.g., the directory where the archive is being produced, and have hypermail copy or generate a default CSS file there. Then have all the messages point there. This way, you can change all your style without having to rebuild the archive.

What do you think about this?

> I'm not sure I like the phrase "More options". Maybe it should be
> "Index files"?

The link doesn't point to the indexes, but to a map that includes not only the indexes, but also the mail actions, the links to help...

> (Jose Kahan) writes:
> >There is a price to pay for the WAI enhancements (unless we find out
> >a workaround): the backward compatibilty with existing archives. This
> >is not so serious as it sounds! I mean that when upgrading a given
> >period in the mail archive, hypermail uses HTML comments as internal
> >markers, to know which parts of old messages it should update. This
> >is used for example, when adding the next/previous links to messages.
> >I had to change the name of some of those markers because the new markup
> >has become completely different. This means that if you upgrade to
> >the new hypermail, the previous messages won't be updated to give
> >the new links to new messages. The indexes will be updated, though.
> >A solution could be to detect the previous marker name and generate
> >the old style of markup, but this has to be programmed.
> Checking for the old text looks easy enough that I don't see any
> excuse for having it incompatible.

Ok, I'll see if there's any problem adding it and if not will add it. Hope it's pretty straightforward.

> >- I18N. I added several new messages, but I have only done so in the
> > English version. I didn't add the new extra entries to the other
> > languages so it will crash when using them. I also didn't format
> > correctly the new entries (adding their name using comments). I
> > grouped all the new messages under a section called "WAI".
> It segfaults when I specify another language. You need to put some
> sort of string for each entry - English or a guess at what's right in
> the target language.


I had only added the english version to the "en" section. The way the languages are coded in hypermail works, but inserting new messages is quite a pain. I was waiting until the last moment to do so. Received on Mon 12 May 2003 04:16:53 PM GMT

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