Re: [hypermail] Serious message skipping problem with hypermail

From: kent landfield <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 15:13:24 -0500 (CDT)
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Jose Kahan writes:
> Kent,
> Sorry if my answer wasn't clear enough. Let me rephrase it (see here
> below).

> The skip bug is not related to the WAI changes. It was there before.
> What I wanted to say is that if for whatever reason you want to
> rebuild your archive, for example, so that all your previous archives
> have the WAI changes, not just the new messages, the 0001 and 0000 bug
> will represent a problem.
> I prefer to have all the messages start with 0000, as it's the way
> hypermail works since long time ago. I don't want to change that.
> The option I proposed (start with 0001) is just so that if you rebuild
> your archive for a given period where you know that the archive
> started with 0001, you can say it to be rebuilded starting with 0001
> so that the URLs won't break when rebuilding a given period. If you
> don't use this option, the archive will be rebuilt with 0000 as usual.
> If we don't want this option, it's fine with me. I can always manage
> to do a workaround in our lists for the affected periods. I was thinking
> about other user who may have this problem too.
> I hope I was a bit clearer :)

Yes. It is. The question is how long has this been a problem ? If its been there for a while then we probably need to address it. In looking at my local archives I see that my first archive where it starts with 0001 occurred in April archives. (The total archive was rebuilt May 12 for the April list I am looking at.) That probably means the change was a recent one. All earlier archives have a 000.html start.

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