Re: [hypermail] Weird bug related to message ids

From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 10:23:23 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <> (Jose Kahan) writes:
>I traced this bug to the following code on parse.c:2836
>else if (!strcasecmp(command, "id")) {
> char *raw_msgid = getvalue(line);
> msgid = unspamify(raw_msgid);
> if (raw_msgid) free(raw_msgid);
> if (msgid && (!isalnum(*msgid) || !strchr(msgid,'.')
> || !strstr(line,"-->")) && set_linkquotes)
> msgid = NULL;/* old version of Hypermail wrote junk? */ }
>Any idea why we're using the isalnum function there? I converted
>this archive from zero with the same version of hypermail that's
>complaining about this test against an old version of hypermail.

 It looks like something I probably added. Some versions of hypermail which are several years old now were writing uninitialized strings for the message-id field, and I wanted to clean those up. I can't remember whether they were causing any real problems. My guess is that it would be ok to remove the isalnum and strchr checks, but the check for "-->" should be kept to deal with message-id's that contain newlines.

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