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Hello everybody!
 I would like to use Hypermail to archive eMails in a SQL database.  

 The reason for this is, that I need to be able to do statistics on the email traffic. Of special interest is the time between the first email of a thread and the first reply to it. As I am familiar with SQL databases I thought it'd be easy for me if the emails were in a SQL database.

 Is there any way that I can make Hypermail store the data in my RDBMS?

 If there isn't, can anybody point me at where I can get information on the internal workings of Hypermail? I'm thinking about writing my own sort of 'output filter' that would make use of Hypermails ability to sort the mails by thread. Of course, I won't have fun digging through the Hypermail sources, so if you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

 Thank you

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