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My thought was to have Hypermail not create any HTML files, but instead put it in a SQL database. So from what you've told me now, this is not possible.

 In my case, I probably would not be a good idea to parse the HTML files into a database. I'm expecting around 350 emails/day. I need the data to be updated at least every five minutes, once a minute would be better. So if I had hypermail generate the HTML files and then parsed them into my database, I would put enormous load on the server.

 If you could provide me some information on the internal workings of Hypermail, I'd like to do some work on it. Of special interest is the part, where Hypermail generates HTML files.

 I use PostgreSQL and don't like mySQL too much, so I would primarily work for PostgreSQL support. I understand that you have concerns regarding the installation, as database support indeed will complicate things a lot: You have to install the database server, create the database and the tables, add permissions...probably too much to cover in simple installation instructions as your basically linking two independent programs. But it would be a nice feature for advanced users.

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