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From: Ron Pero <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 23:42:53 -0500
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> ("Ron Pero") writes:
> >When hypermail (version 2.1.4) executes, on one particular mailbox it
> >produces this error message, and does not process that mailbox:
> >hypermail: internal error crossindexthread2 95
> There was a change made in version 2.1.6 which should fix this.
> If you still get the error after upgrading, let us know.

I just upgraded to 2.1.8. Execution of hypermail now fails for a different reason:
Command result: /usr/libexec/ Shared object "" not found

The command I use looks like this, with some directories and names changed for confidentiality:

$command = /usr/home/adomain/usr/local/bin/hypermail -m

/usr/home/adomain/var/mail/axmpmp -c
es/cpabbd/hmrc.ccccc2_1_4 -d
es/mpmp -l "Managing Partners" -b
"../../email_lists/managing_partners.html" -n 2>&1

I'm using the same configuration file as 2.1.4

The INSTALL file says this, but I did not have those problems. make worked. I did need to disable gdbm.
 If the make fails at this line:

        ar cq libpcre.a maketables.o get.o study.o pcre.o and the configure had said:
  checking whether to build static libraries... no then you probably should try:
./configure --disable-shared

These lines appeared often in the make output: trio.h:190: warning: `vfscanf' redefined /usr/include/stdio.h:326: warning: this is the location of the previous definition

I'm running on a VPS (virtual private server) Free BSD.

Thanks again for any help you can provide. I foolishly did not test the installation before doing make install.

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