Re: [hypermail] file numbering started anew

From: Tobias Weber <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 15:18:55 +0100
Message-ID: <>

03.12.2003 21:47 Uhr Peter C. McCluskey wrote:

> (Tobias Weber) writes:

>> But now the mbox is so big that it takes minutes to parse everything and add
>> new messages to the archive.
>> So I cropped the first few MB off the file and ran hypermail again. It

> I have added a new option mbox_shortened (can anyone think of a better name?)

Thanks! Works for me.

> Set this to On to enable use of mbox that has had some of its
> initial messages deleted. Requires usegdbm = 1.
> The first message in the mbox must have a Message-ID header.

...which is in hmindex? It seems to require 1+ message overlap.

> The mbox may not be altered in any way other than deleting from
> beginning of the mbox or appending new messages to the end (unless
> you rebuild the archive from scratch using a complete mbox).

  Tobias Weber
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