Re: [hypermail] Still Looking for a windows version of Hypermail

From: Martin Duerst <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 11:40:42 -0500
Message-Id: <>

At 14:31 04/01/11 +0000, aruL maaran wrote:

>Dear Friends
>I'm still looking for a Windows Version of Hypermail
>I've installed Cygwin (in an effort to compile Hypermail myself), but being
>a total newbie to the Unix environment, I'm still unable to compile
>Hypermail for win 2000 using CygWin
>If any of you have a Win 2000 version of Hypermail could you please upload
>it somewhere (to any of your websites, and send me the URL)
>Please post the exact commoands to compile Hypermail using CygWin for a win
>2000 machine

The commands should be exactly the same as for other unix systems. Just start with './configure', then 'make'. If this doesn't work, tell us what error messages you got. I just tried it on cygwin here on my Win2000 box, and it went without problems, although it took a few minutes (and writes a lot of messages). If you can handle a DOS shell, an Unix shell isn't that much different, 'cd' is the same except for 'cd..', which you have to write 'cd ..', and 'dir' becomes 'ls'.

Regards, Martin.

>TIA for your time and help
>p.s. - my mail a/c may not accept the full Win 2000 executable if you mail
>it to me and hence these alternatives
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