Re: [hypermail] Problems with 2.1.8

From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 10:47:27 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <> (Bill Moseley) writes:
>1) gmtime implementation seems broken:

 There is a change in the cvs version which seems to fix this.

>2) The "received" line at the bottom of .mail is missing time zone.

 This appears to be fixed in cvs.

>3) minor nit, but the antispam_at only munges the From: link. The other
>email addresses are munged with html tricks spamprotect. Since parsing
>the HTML is trivial for spammers I think a more effective measure would
>be to apply the antispam_at to all messages as those can be unique to
>each archive.

 This appears to be fixed in cvs.

>4) I'm using folders (folder_by_date = %Y-%m) and the main index.html
>has the periods listed. Selecting that line goes to 2004-01/date.html
>that has three columns (indextable = On): subject, author, and date.
>The date column is *blank* on these pages. The sort by: thread and
>subject pages include the article date, but the date page does not.

 There is a date now, although the format (e.g. Tuesday, 4 September) has raised some questions.

>5) Another minor point, but in this setup using folders, the article
>pages do not seem to have a link back to the top-level folders. To get
>back there you have to go to the bottom of the message, click on one of
>the "Contemporary messages sorted:" links (date, thread, subject,
>author) and then click on "List of Folders".

 I'm not sure whether I would want to add any more links on the message page.

>6) Yet another very minor point. Patches: I'm using the html
>formatting showhtml = 2, which works very nice. Only complaint is that
>it makes dif -u patches unusable. I know that's the risk of using that
>level of showhtml.

 How are you trying to use patches and why does showhtml = 2 interfere with them?

>Here's a big one:
>7) Hypermail is not consistent in its use of dates. It's my opinion
>that the "Date:" headers should not be used for sorting.

> - the message is stored in the 1996-05 directory. Here
> hypermail is using Date: header (wrong)

 This was fixed recently. There has been no change with these:

> - in the folders list the message is sorted using the incorrect
> 1996 date, but the link say "10 May 1998", which is the correct
> date. (Again, it links to 1996-05/date.html
> - following that link to the (by date/thread/subject) hypermmail
> is using the wrong date:
> 1 messages: Starting 11 May 1996, Ending 11 May 1996
> and also in the "Date" column.

>8) I'm still not clear what -x does.

 I've rewritten the documentation in hmrc.html and moved it to the "output" section:

Set to 1 to make Hypermail rewrite all messages. Set to 0 to rewrite as few messages as possible. Rewriting all messages is slower, but if you change the options that control the appearance of the messages you may want to rewrite all the messages to make the appearance consistent throughout the archive.

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