Re: [hypermail] Problems with 2.1.8

From: Bill Moseley <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 11:04:08 -0800
Message-ID: <>

On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 10:47:27AM -0800, Peter C. McCluskey wrote:
> (Bill Moseley) writes:
> >1) gmtime implementation seems broken:
> There is a change in the cvs version which seems to fix this.

Ok, I'll try the cvs version. I've become lazy with Debian and depend too much on apt-get.

> >5) Another minor point, but in this setup using folders, the article
> >pages do not seem to have a link back to the top-level folders. To get
> >back there you have to go to the bottom of the message, click on one of
> >the "Contemporary messages sorted:" links (date, thread, subject,
> >author) and then click on "List of Folders".
> I'm not sure whether I would want to add any more links on the message page.

I understand. I added it using a header template.

> >6) Yet another very minor point. Patches: I'm using the html
> >formatting showhtml = 2, which works very nice. Only complaint is that
> >it makes dif -u patches unusable. I know that's the risk of using that
> >level of showhtml.
> How are you trying to use patches and why does showhtml = 2 interfere
> with them?

Like I said, minor point, but since they are not wrapped in <pre> they can't be cut-n-pasted from the archive. I doubt anyone would really do that.

I started out with HTML formatting off because I think mail should remain plain text. But the showhtml = 2 is really pretty and hard to resist...

> >8) I'm still not clear what -x does.
> I've rewritten the documentation in hmrc.html and moved it to the "output"
> section:
> Set to 1 to make Hypermail rewrite all messages.
> Set to 0 to rewrite as few messages as possible.
> Rewriting all messages is slower, but if you change the options
> that control the appearance of the messages you may want to rewrite
> all the messages to make the appearance consistent throughout the archive.

So, this creates an initial archive

   $ rm -rf archive
   $ cat lots-of-message | hypermail -i

So at this point what's the difference between these (not lack of -u):

   $ cat new_message | hypermail -i
   $ cat new_message | hypermail -i -x

Thanks Peter,

Bill Moseley
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